Device names randomly changed within IC2

So I’ve noticed that ever since I update to the new firmware for our Balance and AP One wireless devices, some of the names have randomly changed. For example, I had a AP One Enterprise named Front Hallway AP. I find this morning that the name within IC2 is “Anna Mann”. This happened with a Balance router that has a PepVPN connection to another Balance router and the name change caused the VPN to fail. Only after I restored the old device name did the VPN come back up.
Has anybody else seen this problem? I have almost 200 Peplink devices and I would say this has happened on almost 10% of my devices!
I am one of three people that have admin access to this portal. And none of us has made any of these changes. I am lost as to what is happening.

Submitted a ticket to support. Ticket #775821.

Thank you for reaching out twomack.
Our team has taken the ticket and is investigating the matter.
Please monitor the ticket email chain for any requests or needs the team needs to expedite the ticket.

Had the same problem on multiple customer networks today. Random name changes in IC2. My team opened a ticket on it with support as well, just wanted you to know your not alone! :slight_smile:

Apparently it was a glitch in InControl. Seemingly related,we are seeing random VPN tunnels go down that have been built in InControl that have been stable for months.,The only way we are able to get them back up permanently is to delete the entire tunnel configuration from InControl and recreate the profiles.
Our customers are not happy campers right now.

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