Device Management Modem Identifier

Hi Team, would it be possible to show which of the modems is in the MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-US-T’s under device management? the Sierra or the Telit? This would be extremely helpful for customer service reasons.

We don’t have a BR1 handy, but on the Balance 30 LTE and the HD2, when you click for the “Details” for a cellular connection, the resulting pane offers a link to engineering details:
Clicking on that provides further information, including about the modem:

Is this what you are looking for?



I’m thinking from a distributor point of view. Not having to access the GUI preferably.

Hello @TheMissingLink,
The information that @zegor_mjol is talking may also be available from within InControl2, if so you may be able to use the API to make query on what is in use if you are not wanting to use a web interface.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: