Device managed in both Balance 20 and InControl

Hello all,
I have a setup with Balance 20, couple of AP One and three AP Pro Duo (outdoor)
The devices shipped with FW 3.4 and after upgrading the firmware to 3.5.4 I logged in to AP web interface and checked the box for Managed in InControl or similar.
Once I did that the device web interface did not work anymore and the APs were added to my Controller within the balance.
I tried adding all my devices to InControl 2 (all under warranty) but only the Balance 20 is showing as Online. all the APs are shown as offline.
So my questions are:

  1. is it by design that when an AP is added to the Balance controller I will lose its local Web interface?
  2. is there anyway to manage the APs in InControl instead of Balance 20 (assuming I can’t manage in both) without going through hard reset?
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Hello @zebrascanfly,
Try this and see how you go:

  • Connect to the Peplink Balance web admin pages (either via InControl2 or directly)
  • Navigate across the top menus to AP
  • Turn off “AP Management”
  • Save settings
  • Then Apply Changes

Your APs will now be no longer managed from the Balance Router, you may need to reset the APs, though give them 15 minutes first and see if they become visible within you InControl2 group.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: