Device issue, or is Verizon limiting my connection?

I have the Balance30 pro. I inserted the Verizon SIM from my unlimited MiFi jetpack, and it connected to Verizon perfectly. Internet access from 1 computer connected to the router was flawless!
However when I made the peplink my actual router that serves 100+ computers, I got almost no connection. Yes, I was able to get ping responses from the whole time, but when trying to do speedtests and browse, I got almost nothing… as if it were a 28k modem connection or worse.
So my question is what is causing the zero throughput once I let the whole network connect?.. since it was prefect with just 1 or 2 computers sharing the connection.
Im thinking its really not insufficient bandwidth since I get 12ms ping, and 80mb down and 30up with this LTE connection, which is actually better than my regular Comcast cable connection.
Could it be Verizon seeing extra traffic and throttling me?.. too many MAC addresses connecting?
Or something else? What can I try, or anything on the Peplink to check?

There is a chance that Verizon is screwing with you.

When you look at the real time bandwidth charts as you run a speedtest how much bandwidth does it show as being used? I’m wondering if you have a misbehaving device on the network.

As with many threads popping up, most plans will not work in enterprise routers. What plan do you have specifically with Verizon? Pre-paid? Post paid? What is the plan name?

What peplink do you have that is serving 100+ computers?

Have you looked at the traffic stats to make sure no one device is eating up the bandwidth?

What if you cut off the 100+ computers and just test with a single computer?

If Verizon is somehow detecting multiple connections and using that as a reason to limit then a VPN on the WAN such as SpeedFusion or OpenVPN should fix that. I don’t think they’ll ever see more than one opaque connection then.