Device Connector will not list available Access Points

I have a Pepwave Device Connector in my motor home connected to an external antenna. We use it in Router mode to connect to the RV park’s WIFI. It’s been working fine for over a year. Just yesterday we got to a new RV park and I logged into the Device Connector (DC) to select the park’s WIFI, but the “Refresh” button is completely non-responsive. I click it, and nothing. I cleared out the SSID field and clicked in it, as the manual says to do, and nothing; no list of available AP’s. My Macbook Air lists numerous AP’s available, but the Device Connector sees none. And again, the “Refresh” field is non-responsive. I have verified the Javascript is enabled in both my Chrome and Safari browsers, with the same effect. Probably not related, but both browsers complain that the DC’s certificate is outdated, so I have to click through that warning, which I’ve not had to do before.

If I manually plug in the name of the park’s WIFI, I can connect to it, and all is well. The rest of the DC seems fine; only the AP-refresh-list is not working. I do have it in router mode, and have done a factory reset three times. Any thoughts?


Dave Shinnick


Appreciate if you could create a support ticket for us to investigate further.

Also, enable remote assistance

To enable RA:

I believe I did create a support ticket. I filled in the form on the link you sent me. I also posted the question here. Additionally, I reinstalled the latest firmware, and did another factory reset.

I now have the Connector in “Connect to Any Open Mode AP” and it did find the RV Park’s WIFI, connected to it, and it’s working. But when I turn that setting back to OFF and try to refresh the AP list, again, nothing.


What is your ticket number?

I don’t know! I filled out the support ticket page, but I never saw a ticket number. Want me to do it again?


You should receive an e-mail from [email protected] with Subject [Ticket #753xxx]…