Device Connector as Wifi Repeater

I am trying to utilize the device connector to fill in a gap for better signal strength.

Website says I can connect this at both 2.4 and 5ghz but I can only seem to connect at 2.4 Ghz

The 5Ghz signal is plenty strong where it is located and I have tried on multiple devices.

I have also tried creating a new 5ghz only ssid to connect on and they will not connect.

The result is actually slower and more dropped connections while connected to the device connector than without it.

Also these will not connect on WIFI WAN 2 at all, even if i put it as first priority. It stays always in cold standby. I dont see any option to make it active.

Is 2 Wifi wan a licensed add-on feature? WAN 1 works on 20/40Mhz width and WAN 2 allows 20/40/80 but I am not able to use this connection.

I have not used the Device Connector and thus can’t answer your question. But, I don’t understand the question either. When discussing its use as a WiFi extender, you can just refer to “connecting” to it. You need to be clear if you are talking about the box connecting to the source SSID or your devices connecting to the box. And, which 5GHz signal is strong? Source SSID to box or your device to the box?

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