Determining Which Cell card has a better more reliable signal


Hello All,

I currently have a Pepwave MAX HD2 Mini LTE at a location and it has been struggling.

The application involves a PTZ network camera connected to it to stream live events.

Configuration is 1 ATT Cell card (Cellular 1) and 1 VzW cell card (Cellular 2). This is running purely off of the cellular connection and it has been an issue from day one as we are unable to reliable control the camera while streaming in 720p.

I am currently trying to determine which cell card has a better stronger signal as I would like to try having both cellular connections use the same type of card (either both ATT or both VzW whichever will work better).

Due to the nature of this installation and site it is a lot of time and labor to make this swap so I need to be 100% sure I am picking the right provider in advance.

I am having trouble determining which one to use based on the reports I am looking at in IC2. What would be the best way to determine which card is better stronger more reliable?

Thanks in advance.