Determine Bandwidth of Given Band on Tower How?

Looking for how to determine the bandwidth of a particular band on a given tower. I’ve found most everything but this data point in the admin console or the Pepwave router utility. Been using MAX BR1 ENT for +1 year and just upgraded to MAX Transit CAT-18.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi Paul. You are not going to find that information in the simple manner in which you (and the rest of us!) would like to see it on a Peplink router – or much of anywhere else. There a myriad of factors that govern throughput – bandwidth, modulation scheme, signal quality, on-channel signal strength (not necessarily RSSI), back-haul capacity, etc.

There is a ton of information available in the public domain regarding frequencies and bandwidth. I can’t see where you’re from, but here is an example of such a source for the USA. Everything else being equal, wider bands are “better” – but not always so.

Having said that, your shiny new Cat18 router should serve you well. It’s designed to make the best available use of “what’s out there.” :grin:

Thanks Rick. Appreciate everything you mentioned. In a fixed rural setting here in Nashville and I was surprised the difference from the BR1 CAT-12 to the Transit CAT-18 in terms of latency and SINR connected to same 2X2 MIMO parabolic grids on the tower. Waiting for delivery of two addition grids and decent weather to install them for 4x4 MIMO. Thanks again.

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Good! Just curious – what dishes are you using?

These >>>

While surrounded by all the carriers with multiple towers all 5-6 miles out, we are in a valley and are NLOS. Tried everything from yagi to LDPA and nothing comes close to the results of these in our particular location.


Interesting. Maybe one of the others on our end have seen that manufacturer but I’ve missed 'em. Looks like really good specs other than the side lobes on the lower freqs – expected given the design bandwidth of the antenna. And, that won’t be an issue for your application. Thanks for sharing. :smile: