"Details" button on Cellular link options on BR1 & SIM Card Profiles

Hi Guys

Some of the things on this menu should probably be moved - it would be great if the settings for the SIM cards were under “Network - SIM Card Profiles” so when the sim cards are changed in & out on the unit it could load the correct settings again (apn login pass etc) instead of having to re-enter them. On the SIM Card profiles section you could also define the billing cycle date and bandwidth limit per sim, instead of current method per sim slot which is too ambiguous if dealing with more than 2 SIMs, then Details menu wouldnt be so crowded.

Sounds fair, Mike. How many SIM cards do we swap in and out of the BR1 usually? I believe as the BR1 goes around 3 or more countries we will swap in SIM cards from nearby countries?

Hi Kurt

Well in the European Union, there are (currently) 27 member states - all of these have different providers and as of yet unfortunately! there is no EU wide provider that doesnt shaft the client on roaming.

In my scenario, the clients move from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, and maybe one or two others that escape me, so if 10 profiles were possible this would greatly help. At the moment I circulate a large list to my clients of contact APNs and PrePaid APNs - the laws here are quite different, i.e. in France you must be a resident to get a SIM card so changes are really frequent and clients have great difficulty and lots of downtime reprogramming routers. Being able to pre-populate providers for them would be of great help.



Got you, Mike. Anyone else with similar requirement to share?