Deleteing Peplink Bandwidth Data?

I recently set up 2 Peplink Balance 20’s. I had the same issue with both. When you first turn it on and start setting it up, it immediately begins accumulating bandwidth data. Shortly afterward it connects to the time service and updates the date and time. Only problem is, I have a small amount of data from an incorrect date of 2 years ago from before the date and time was updated. You would think no big deal until you try to look at the Daily or Monthly bandwidth graphs and you can’t read anything because it is trying to display 2 years of data that isn’t there!

Bottom line is it would be nice if I could delete the bandwidth data from what the system thought was 2 years ago. It’s probably a few minutes of data that it stored before the time server was contacted and updated the date. It is possible?


Installing a new firmware, normally erases most of the old saved data for me.