Default user and password not working - Help!


This morning I’ve downloaded and installed this image, it’s a fresh installation done today,

From there I go to my IP and get:

And this shows the Web Admin, and I assume the User/Pass are both “admin” to log in and gain access, but instead, I’m getting this message “Request failed, please try again later.”
Any idea’s on what the default user and pass should be?


Thank you…

Hi turkru, what type of peplink product do you have ? Have you try to factory reset ?

This Problem is not related to the Peplink product itself, as I mention I’ve installed Web Admin onto as sever and the default user and password don’t work, I’ve also installed on a remote VPN and had the same outcome.

Which hypervisor or cloud you are trying to install the Fusionhub on?

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Hello @tukru,
Are you able to access your FusionHub via InControl2? If so then you should be able to use the FusionHub’s remote web admin to get access to the FusionHub’s web admin pages.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I’ve found on occasion a working username/password does not work as a result of how peplini does the session/cookie cache. Try to open a new incognito window and see if the login works.