Default access reset on Balance20 BPL-021

I recently purchased a BPL-021 on Amazon from a small reseller. Unfortunately I can not login. The hardware reset function does not work. Accessing the router at shows the username and password fields but they are grayed out. The router arrived in a box with Amazon warehouse deals stickers on it. I’ve used a Peplink balance one core for years, so I have some limited experience and knowledge. Please help. I do not have InControl2.

ok…one possibility is that the factory default IS working, but the device is live in someone else’s incontrol, and that is immediately overriding the login
Try resetting it with WAN disconnected.

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Thanks for the hint. I was able to reset to factory defaults. Disconnecting from the WAN was needed. Indeed the configuration showed incontrol was being used.

You should then proceed to have Peplink remove the device from the previous owner’s IC2 account (otherwise you are at the mercy of that account holder if you ever (accidentally or intentionally) enable the Controller feature).