DE-PAN-LTE-router-MAX-BR1 causes webpage to become corupt and login needed again



Hope somebody can help me.
We have a Pepwave MAX-BR1-LTE-E with a vodafone sim.
Data flows ok. GB’s per day…
However… we have one very important page that we need to keep alive:
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Somehow after a short while the page gets corrupted, and a new login is needed.
Over ADSL no problem.
Looks like the cookie is somehow corrupted by a micro-disconnect?

Any suggestions?





May i know how many WAN connections connected to the BR1 (WAN fail-over) ? Beside that, what do you mean “Over ADSL no problem” ? Do you mean you tested with ADSL Ethernet WAN and the webpage is working fine ?

Beside that, how long you require to login the page again and what do you mean micro-disconnect? Do you mean you have to login the page again each time the cellular WAN disconnected ?

Thank You



Tx for the reply.

Two sims installed, only one active at a time. The right one from Vodafone (see picture above) is giving problems with the log-outs. The left one ( with fixed IP) is not even staying up, that is a second problem we have (but not yet addressed in this thread).
We have the BR1 connected to a Zywall USG 200 Firewall and in that Zywall we also have a 1Mbps DSL connection as backup. When we route the traffic over that DSL connection, no log out occurs. When we use the BR1 as primairy connection, the logout DO happen frequently.

The event log in the BR1 does not show any disconnects. However the webpage does get corrupted somehow, and forces the user to log in again. Sometimes the logout occurs within a minute, sometimes after a couple of minutes.

  1. This happen to all clients at the same time? Mostly affect the wireless clients?

  2. Have you try to connect a client to BR1’s LAN port? If not, possible to do it? This allowed us to narrow down the problem.

Thank you.

  1. Can’t be sure, but it surely happens to all clients on the network. The clients are all connected to the USG 200 Firewall, and from there to the BR1.
  2. I will try the LAN port to narrow down the problem. Keep you posted.

Many thanks for the help till now!