DDNS setup among 3 different connections


I have a static IP PPPoE as primary connection, and two dynamic connections as well. If my primary connection goes down, then the second connection kicks in and so on…

I have to establish a VPN tunnel with my data providing company and i am trying to setup Dynamic DNS for all three connections.

Do I use the same hostname for all three connection in each connection settings? There will be only one VPN tunnel using DDNS host name.



Technically if there is only active connection at a time, you can have the same host name for all of them. Otherwise they will need to be unique if more then one is active.

Thank you for your quick response,

my current DDNS service (NoIP) checks my ip every 5 minutes. Is there any ways to shorten the interval? If it checks my ip 5minutes it can take up to 5minutes to switch over to my second connection. right?
I will connect all my three connections to DDNS using one host name and estrablish a VPN tunnel with my data providing company.

My concern is that NoIP check ip address every 5 min. and my VPN tunnel can be broken for up to 5 min.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

We have no control over how often NoIP checks for an update but when a secondary connection kicks in it will trigger a DDNS update sent from our router and this should be faster than 5 minutes.