DD-WRT as a PTPP client to a Balance 20

Has anyone connected a DD-WRT based router to the PTPP server on a balance 20 or equiv? The settings look simple enough, DD-WRT suggests trying the following security options but so far no luck connecting.

MPPE Encryption – The type of security to use for the connection. If you are connecting to another DD-WRT router you need (Example: mppe required). But if you are connecting to a Windows VPN server you need (Example: mppe required,no40,no56,stateless) or (Example: mppe required,no40,no56,stateful)

Note: I do have 2 DD-WRT units connected using PTPP so I’m pretty sure on my settings in DD-WRT.

That looks about right to me. First thing I will do is to make sure we have the correct PPTP username and password. If all checks out, then I will try to establish a PPTP connection with another PPTP server using DD-WRT PPTP client.

Too large of a MTU number could interrupt the connection too.

Thanks Kurt, I suspect it is something on the DD-WRT side as I can use the Windows DUN/VPN connection with the same credentials.

The only other DD-WRT router I have is in my RV, it is configured as a PPTP Client and connects to my home DD-WRT when I’m on the road/vacation. So to test this, I’ll just have to head back up to Disney World. (They have free cable modem hookup)

What would you suggest trying for the MTU?

Most of the problem was between the seat and the keyboard. I got into the office today and under the client list, I saw the pptp connection with the name of the id I defined. The IP address was for the PPTP client was assigned in the DHCP range on the Balance 20.

I forgot to add a route on the DD-WRT. This done under setup/Advanced Routing on the DD-WRT. After setting that up, I can access everything in the office from my home network. A good doc on the client setup is here PPTP Tunneling - DD-WRT Wiki

It’s not a huge crisis, but what I can’t do yet is access my home network from the office network. On the Balance 20, I created a route to the home network subnet from (the pptp client IP address) This does work when you use 2 DD-WRT units as described in the doc.

What would also be nice it if you could assign and fix IP by ID the range of the pptp clients outside the DHCP range. This way if the routing worked, I could set the route in LAN settings and not worry about the pptp client re-connecting and grabbing another DHCP address.