Data Roaming - Allowed Countries list


Good Morning!

Just a question regarding the roaming allowed/blocked by country list.

Could you please clarify what the “Mobile Country Code” is?

Which of the following is it;
MCC - Multipul per country, usually one per operator
ISO - IE , IT, UK, FR etc

If it is the MCC, this gives great control over which roaming parter is utilised but would mean a very large list to populate.

Would Peplink be able to put a little application that out puts the countries in the format you want e.g. all EU countries and it gives you the text to put into the Pepwave.

Found this list which gives a lot of info on the MCC and ISO.

Thank You


The Mobile Country Code is the MCC code as mentioned above.
We use the same website to find the correct MCC code.

see: Roaming options for MAX cellular routers using MCC code

Do you want to add your request for a more readable format to the feature request category format?
We have already added an option to add MCC codes for “denied” or “allowed countries” to make this option easier to configure.


Why not use the operator code (MNC) ?


Hi Pierre-Gilles,

MNC code is currently not supported.
Other people have mentioned the need to extend this feature with MNC support before.
If MNC support is of interest to you please add a note to this existing feature request: Mobile Network Whitelist via MCC/MNC code