Data Plans for Transit mini

First Post here. I bought the transit mini from 5g and I am a bit disappointed. The sales team there is super nice but nobody informed me that getting a plan to work on this was such a bear. I have tried Verizon, att, T-Mobile and all have restrictions placed on activating these devices. What gives? The team at 5g made it sound so easy! As if it were just like activating a phone. Anyone out there have any advice as to how I can get this puppy working? I was told it was like a hotspot but that’s just not the case.

I just saw a post on the forum here regarding the max transit mini and verizon that might be relevant to your issue:

For ATT, do you have a carrier-supplied hotspot such as a unite that you can use to activate the hotspot SIM? If not, you could probably purchase one on ebay for $30 or so.

you’ve posted this several times

always best to do your homework

Howardforums is a great forum for carrier/plan info

There are many plans from each carrier that will work with peplink and many plans that will not work