Data download/upload quotas


@hcardenas, please elaborate more on the request. You need to cache the video from 3rd party website or you wish to host the web server (with the video) locally?


Hi @TK_Liew!

The bus will have a local video server that will be deployed behind theTransit (in the LAN). The idea is to show a captive portal through Peplink´s WiFi. The captive portal will indicate:

  1. Users can access a local video server to see free movies and tv shows. (No data limits because is the same LAN)
  2. They can use free internet access with a data quota restriction (Included MB is to be defined)
  3. The users will be redirected to a local web page hosted in the same server where the content is stored, so they can start browsing the content.


@hcardenas, you need a Transit with MediaFast. You need to host a website locally in the Content Hub. Wifi client will be redirected to the local website after signed in the Splash page. Then the movie can be streamed from your local website.

You may need to do proper sizing based on the customer requirement.

Hope this helps.


Noted, thanks @TK_Liew