Dashboard only Showing 1 SIM

I am on a sailboat and have got my pepwave setup. I’ve got the HD Max on my mast, connected to the SIM injector and the AP Rugged One.

For the last week we’ve had 1 SIM card inserted as a little trial run and its been working great.
Today I added 3 additional cards from additional providers. They are in slots 1-4, but still on my dashboard I am only seeing 1 cellular option.

Total newbie here, but from everything I’ve read there shouldn’t there be 4 options? Then I’d be able to prioritize them or switch between which has the best signal?
(As a side note, I also thought I’d be able to connect to the marina wifi and use that as my WAN? I also cannot see any wifi option?)

Is there a setting I am missing or a box I need to check so that I can see all 4 of my options at once?

From the screenshot it looks like you have the HD1 Dome. This is the version with a single CAT18 4G modem inside.

The SIM injector lets you remove and replace the SIM in the HD Dome remotely so you can swap between operators without having to climb the mast to physically change the SIMs over.

Since there is only one modem, you can only use one SIM at a time for internet traffic.

I would suggest you go back to your point of purchase and ask for some support as they really should show you how to configure your Dome to use the SIM injector.