Cut off USB modem power during Standby mode

I currently have a router made by your competitor, and I notice that even when the modem is disabled (standby) so that the wired ethernet on the WAN port is providing internet access, the modem gets hot and burns power (probably also shortening its life).

My question is, with the SOHO product, if I configure a modem for failover, will it be powered in standby (like the product I currently have), or is there a way to power it off in standby? From my experience, it doesn’t take that long for the modem to connect when powered on, so the advantage of constantly wasting power when in standby doesn’t make too much sense to me.

Yes, the modem will stay powered up in the standby state.

Why? As mentioned, I don’t see a huge delay to connect when the modem is just plugged in (obviously not being powered when unplugged).

Can you add a config option to allow the modem to be powered down when its in standby mode?


This is not possible at the moment. I will move this to Feature Request for product team to take consideration.