Custom service forwaring issue


We have a Squid proxy server running that works fine when configured in the browser as forward proxy. It also works fine in transparent mode when we set this the ip-address as gateway address. But since we have several VLANs and locations we cannot set squid as gateway for all users. We however would like to have the transparant proxy for all users. Since all traffic always hits our Balance 710 we have configured custom service forwards for port 80 and 443 to Squid.

Now however something strange happens. Although I enter a url (e.g. www, I always get a default Apache server page. That page is coming from the Squid server where we also have Apache running. So for some reason Squid always connects to the local webserver when traffic comes via the custom service forward. Looking at the access log of squid I always see ORIGINAL_DST/<ip_of_squid> for those requests.

I am not sure if I people here can help me out, but since it only happens in combination with the custom rules I am posting the issue here also. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?


Your custom service forwarding is redirecting any request to any web server to a single webserver (on ports 80 and 443) - your Squid Proxy.

Instead you want to route traffic through the squid proxy. We would need to know more about your topology to assist in how to do that, but generally is a network topology change to make it happen. How many WANs are you using on the B710?