Creating a Guest network (Peplink 380)

Now I must say that a few things are not available to me.

  • I have no Peplink AP
  • Switch can’t do VLAN’s. I know, I know.

Have to work with what I have. Is there any way that will allow me to use the Peplink 380 and restrict guests from viewing our network. It would be great if the access point I have a NetGear N150 could do that but no chance.

My hands are tied but maybe by grand miracle.


Are guests only connecting via Wifi from AP’s?

Yes guest will only be using Wifi. Unfortunately our office members will also require Wifi so we need to distinguish one from another. I have asked for Vlan switch which would makes things simpler. Even 2 of your AP would be great. It’s just for any guest that require internet but making sure they are unable to browse our network. I thought maybe by grand miracle there maybe a possible solution.


I would check the AP’s themselves to see if they support Layer 2 Isolation and Guest Protect or similar feature (as this would allow guests connecting that SSID to only have access out to the internet, even if connecting to the same network).

Otherwise regarding the Balance; put AP’s in router mode and for guest SSID, you would configure a new network. Then in the Balance you would just need to create a static route, which will allow you to control that network with fw rules. That is if the AP supports this.