Create Satic Route to Specific WAN for Transit Packet



I need some help, i new on this product, i meet some problem when iam implement peplink balance to replace router on 3 different site used MPLS and Metro Connection

here the ilustration topology network

From topology ilustration i will connect local LAN SITE A to SITE C Through SITE B
and vise versa, so SITE A will can communicate to SITE C and SITE C can Communicate to Site A
SITE B must can communicate to Site C too.
Outbond Policy
the problem is Site C not used Peplink Link Balance like Site A and B do,

so i assume between Site SITE B and SITE C will used Outbond policy i set on SITE B on Expert Mode to enforce communication via specific WAN connection and used IP Forwarding, because when i used Route Mode NAT on WAN Setting, SITE C will not recognize IP Address of SITE B because of NAT. and its work… SITE B can Communicate to SITE C and Vise Versa, but what happend to SITE A when Communicate to SITE C, what method i can used so SITE A can Communicate to SITE C and SITE C can Communicate to SITE A.

How SITE A know about information LAN segment of SITE C because i Cant advertise LAN SITE C via SpeedFusion from SITE B. LAN SITE C its not part of LAN SITE B, and its will be looped because SITE B must be can Communicate to LAN SITE C too, so Speedfusion will not worked

i have try used Outbond Policy on SITE A to force connection to Specific WAN with Route Mode IP Forwarding too, but its not worked, i trace connection from local LAN SITE A, and when packet arrived on Peplink Site B, the packet will be out to Internet. So i sterted confuse how peplink will proceed packet transit like i face right now. Please help Me


Site A

  • Create Enforced Outbound Policy to route to SpeedFusion tunnel.

Site B

  • Create Enforced Outbound Policy to route to the WAN that connected to Site C.

Site C

  • Ensure Cisco router routes to Site B.

Please contact local Peplink partner if you need further help.


Hi Liew,

Thanks for your advice, when local LAN Site B want to access Site C, should i change WAN setting route mode to : “IP Forwarding” because if i not configure like that, Site B will not able to communicate to Site C, because Peplink on Site B will NAT Overload Source Addeess Local LAN B ( to IP WAN Metro-E (Ex: to LAN Site C, and Site C will not recognize the NAT address from Site B.

PS :
All Local LAN each SITE must be can Communicate with each other

Correct Me If Im Wrong…


Yes. You need to change to IP Forwarding. This is same to the Cisco router and I believe NAT is not apply on the Cisco router.


Hi Liew,

I got what you mean from your advice solution on above, i already simulate that solution and its will work, but i got another issue when my user realize they need advertise some big segment from ASIA regional office to Site A and Site C so that segment IP Address can access from each branch

here i modify the topology network

from the topology network you can see, thats new segment from regional office vietnam that have big segment ( and its overlapp with network address on Local LAN Site C (, and its through LAN Peplink Site B to another VPN connection

my action :

  1. on Peplink Site B I create Static Route on LAN Network Setting to Core Switch, because that segement is through Core Switch to another router VPN Connection direct to Vietnam

and as we know when we create static route on peplink it will advertise automaticly to Site A through SpeedFusion, so Site A will get that information Segment IP Address Vietnam. the problem is, that segment is overlapp to Local LAN Site C, and when Site A forward packet to destination Local Site C through SpeedFusion to Peplink Site B, it will be Forward to Local LAN Site B by Peplink Site B, because peplink Site B will Choose “LAN Route first” than Outbond Policy
and connection will be timeout, because the packet has been forward to wrong outbond Connection.

ps: on peplink Site B i already create outbond policy to enforced connection to site C like on the picture below

but the peplink will choose LAN route first than outbond policy rule when packet from Site A to Site C transit on Site B. what is actually algorithm priority Route on peplink? when accept the packet from Site A? is that

  1. LAN Routing
  2. Expert Outbond Policy
  3. SpeedFusion

or something else, i need to understand concept how peplink forward the packet, because its different from common router. because when i put static route on Peplink Site B, Connection from LAN Site A to LAN Site C will be timeout, result traceroute packet to LAN C its forward to Local LAN site B through Core Switch. and even LAN Site B want to Connect to LAN Site C , the packet will be loop between Peplink and Coreswitch, because Peplink hold Big Segment Overlapp, please help you advice, how to solve this issue.