Create PPPOE Accounts on the LAN

Good Afternoon
Is it possible to support PPPOE accreditation on the LAN side of a Balance?
We have a ISP that would like to use a Balance in their core network but need to be able to support PPPOE on the LAN side of the Balance for each end user to gain service.
Would this be possible?
I know that there is already PPPOE on the WAN of the Peplink to connect to the internet, we now want it on the LAN as well please!
Thank You

This is interesting but can you tell us more why putting a Balance One in a “core network”? How many PPPOE end users connections are expected to terminate on each Balance One? And why choosing a Balance One for this purpose?

Hi Keith
I didn’t actually mention Balance ONE but that is what they are using now for some end users and they are familiar with them.
We would be recommending one of the bigger units for the core network!
I believe it will be 5-10 users per Balance and they would like to have speed controls linked to each PPPOE account.
Thank You

My bad. For some reason I keep reading Balance One in my mind. :slight_smile:

But why having a Balance as PPPOE server? And in this case, I think multi-WAN features are not used, correct?

Hi Keith
We have got another situation where PPPOE accounts on the LAN will be useful.
There are two ways of implementing the load balancing part. 1) clients get balanced between WANS (all traffic from one client goes down a single WAN) and if that WAN fails, they get disconnected and reconnect automatically on another WAN. 2) Clents connect to Balance and then all traffic from Balance is SpeedFusioned back to a data centre where each client has a public IP address. (PPPOE could be done on the Balance or at data centre)