Create a network from an open network without security


Hello, I need help to create a network starting from a public network (guest) of a hotel, when connecting my device detects the network does not connect is the type of networks that request to enter the browser to enter the user and password, the detail is that my cell phone or tablet can access and connect, but other devices such as a smart tv does not connect to not have a browser

I need to know if when connecting to the guest network there is a section in the configuration where I can enter the username and password to allow me to create a sub network and service other devices.



I assume you mean you are using a MAX device to connect to an Open WIFI hotspot that requires login yes?

If so, when the MAX devices connects using WIFI as WAN it will join the wifi network fine but then can’t login automatically so doesn’t get internet access and so internet access fails and it will get marked as unhealthy so no traffic from the LAN connected devices will be sent via that interface. This means that your laptop connected to the WIFI / LAN of the MAX device never gets to see the captive portal / login of the hotspot and so you can’t login.

What you need to do is disable health checks on the WiFI WAN on the MAX then you will be able to login once from a LAN connected device and the rest of your devices will then be able to connect.