CPU usage showing 100% for mediafast 500


I have installed peplink mediafast 500 at site with 2 ADSL lines connected on box with 300/100(with static IP) & 100/20(with PPPOE). We have gateway below peplink serving 450 users. Occassionaly we have seen CPU touching 100% & internet stops working momentarily. Mediafast running on latest firmware 8.1.0 build 4942.

Can anyone advise possible reason of 100% CPU usage here.


I vaguely remember someone with an issue with performance and PPPOE WANs a while ago - any way to make it IP routing instead on the 100/20 link?

Not possible as ISP provides PPPOE credentials only.

I even disconnected PPPOE link but still it shootsup 100% in between.

Ok so not that. Best to log a ticket I would think.

It seems better after disabling mediafast feature as we are not using it currently. I will monitor for 1 day & update.