CPU Load at Peplink Balance 580

We had an issue with the CPU load at peplink balance 580, with firmware 6.1.0 build 2863.
CPU load always reached 80-90%, sometimes goes to 100%, all WAN are used.
With the throughput 80-120 Mbps, is it normal ?
We don’t have firewall rules on the peplink,

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This is not normal behaviour, how many users are in the network?
What hardware version of the Balance 580 do you have?

You can check the hardware version in the web admin interface here:

Please make sure you upgrade to the most recent firmware, you can do that here:

Or download the newest firmware version from the Peplink website and manually upload it to the device.

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Please try upgrading to firmware 6.3.4, this is the most recent firmware version for Balance 580 hardware version 1.
You can download the firmware via the device (see second image on my first reply), or download it manually on the Peplink website.

If the problem remains after upgrading to the newest firmware, please click here to open a support ticket with Peplink.

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