CPU 100% after apply changes

I have a balance 710 fw 5.4.9 build 2573, with 1500 - 1800 concurrent users. The CPU load lays normally arround 50-60% but when I make (small) changes in the configuration, the CPU hits 100% for a very long time. Sometimes it can be on 100% for over 15 minutes. The CPU load bar can show thereafter yellow/red for over 30 minutes. During this period the web-admin pages can be unresponsive and the throughput performance is much lower.

The 710 is dimentioned for 500 - 2000 users so it might be reaching it’s limit but what can I do to drop the CPU load?



Depending on the current configuration and traffic load it is hard to say. If you could open a support ticket and turn on remote assistance we can certainly take a closer look.


im experiencing this too. any suggestion?

Please open a support ticket for further investigation.


-It is normal to see CPU high after applying changes but should only last a few seconds. If it seems abnormally long, create a ticket and we’ll take a closer look.