Converting to Balance One PPTP Server

Equipment: Peplink Balance One
Firmware: 6.1.2 build 1597

Currently we have 2-3 users accessing our network using our Windows server as the PPTP server. I recently installed a new Peplink Balance One. I port forwarded 47 and 1723 directly to the server, and it seemed that my users could connect.

Then we discovered an issue with simultaneous connects. Only one user at time could connect. Researched a little and discovered the Balancer / Router needs to support PPTP editor. I could not find that information or option. Can you please let me know if this feature is built-in or supported on my Balance One.

I think I would like to convert my clients over to connect directly to my Balance One device. If I activate the PPTP server I assume access to my Windows server will be lost because both servers will use the same ports. I guess I would need to delete the port forwarding for 47 and 1723 for the Balance One’s PPTP Server to work properly. Please confirm this.

I found a small reference that the standard windows VPN client will work to connect my remote users to the Balance One PPTP Server. I would appreciate it if you could also confirm this.

My last question is … how many simultaneous VPN connections are supported by new Balance One?

Thank you in advance for any replies.


We use PPTP on every single balance device in the field (Over 230 and counting). It works great on windows, 7, 8, and Macs from my experience.

Recommended Users for Balance One PPTP says: 15

*Just make under connection properties in windows you turn the type of vpn to pptp and take off automatic under security tab. I personally UN check everything under the networking tab except for the IPV4 option.

*Make sure your subnet isn’t matching at the balance one end and client end. Never had a problem otherwise. Works great.