Convert configuration file Peplink balancer 580 to 580x

HI, we would like to restore configuration file from the old balancer 580 to the new 580x and we get message that we need to convert the file.
can you please advise?

e-mail support they may be able to convert the file for you.

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possible to provide the email address of your support? i facing the same issues need your support to assist me for the conversion

support link is on

thanks, u know how fast they can revert back to me? because we need it quite urgently

Is it urgent because of complexity (eg lots of firewall rules you don’t want to recreate) or because you need specific settings from the config file because the source B580 is dead?


hi martin, you are right we have some firewall rules, but we cannot remember the setting and some setting is the static route been configure in 580 as well, that is the reason why we hope peplink able to help us to convert the current 580 config to 580x. thanks, i did try submit ticket, but yet got anyone revert to me.