Convert a backup configuration file of peplink balance 380 to 305



My Customer has peplink 380 that has been damaged and I want to take its backup and to put it in peplink 305 balance, when I Apply it, I have the Following error:

Error: Configuration file not accepted.

This configuration file is generated by a different model of Peplink Balance.
Please visit and look up the article for
how to convert a configuration file for another model of Peplink Balance.

Is there a way to convert the peplink 380 backup config to peplink 305 config?


Hi - The tool only converts “up” the model lineup (because of complexities reducing # of WANs when going down).

We can do a manual conversion for you if you open a ticket and include the serial numbers of both the 380 and 305. Please send the info to


Hi Travis. Even though the 380 is higher than the 305 on the lineup, should the not be considered equal for for configuration conversion as they have the same number of WANs?


Sure, I’m just explaining how the tool generally works.


There are only two products in the Balance family that it would happen to - the 305/380 and 210/310 (310 is now the WAN activated 210)
Would it be possible to make the conversion tool drop the highest WAN if downgrading?
I know most people are upgrading but some people might be setting up another smaller site.