Content Blocking not working


This is a newbie question. I have set some domains to block within the Customized Domains panel on my SOHO, but after saving and applying the changes I can still visit these websites. The blocking doesnt seem to be working. Any ideas what would cause this?


What is the domain that you are trying to block ?

Just for your information for some complex domain, in-order to fully block on it you need to know the back-end running domains and make sure those back-end domains is put in the Customized Domains panel inorder for you to fully block on it.


Within the customized domain panel I put in or to block china, I read I could just enter cm.

Is there a way to block all TLD’s like everything with .cm?


While I can’t help with your original question, I thought I’d mention that the TLD for China is .cn, not .cm



Hello Gara,

At this time I do not believe that we have a way to block all TLDs. I will reach out to our engineering team for confirmation.


Hello @Zach_Tangen,
Here is an existing thread on the subject

Within about two weeks of this previous thread we had implemented this onto every customers router that we manage. We have been using the content filtering to block out TLD access for all of our customers for the TLD of “cm” and not a single customer has had an issue with it, in fact it appears to have reduced the malicious website issues the customers have previously experienced.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


lol. Thanks. Its one of those things I know, but my brain decided otherwise…cheers.


This is great news.


Thanks for the tip.

You can just add a TLD and the system will automatically add the wildcard.


It’s working, thanks. Just adding cn blocks. I also added a number of other TLD’s. While we are at it, Can you recommend resources or Firewall rule sets to use?