Constant 30Mbps usage over UDP with fusion hub


I have a Pepwave MAX HD2 Mini LTE installed at a site.

It connects to a fusionhub in aws to allow port forwarding to the devices behind the MAX HD2 via the fusionhubs public ip.

when connecting to the devices behind the pepwave I am seeing constant 30Mbps on the site’s firewall however if I connect to them without going through the fusionhub and just using the sites firewall to forward ports which the max hd2 then forwards to the devices on its LAN I do not see that constant data usage. Why would this be happening? what can I do to fix it.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Do you see anything unusual or different under: Status> Active Sessions in the HD2 Mini LTE when comparing with or without FusionHub?


no difference see attached screenshots but i do wonder why connecting to two axis network cameras via http would have such a high session count.

With VPN it is 182 sessions to one of the cameras and 29 to the other

and without the VPN it is


Possibly firewall rules are needed. You can open a support ticket with us here to get help with this.


I am working with the onsite contact on another issue once that is resolved if this problem does not disappear I will take you up on that offer and open a support ticket thank you for your help.