Consistent SOHO AP Woes, Fixed by reboot

Ok, so after doing my Amazon return on my first Surf SOHO, I’m having a spot of trouble with the AP on new (actually new this time, as far as I can tell) router. Over the past few days, the ability of devices to sign on to the wireless network have been hit or miss. This was noted in both SSIDs assigned to VLANS and to the SSID that is used by the untagged network. Rebooting the router seems to fix the issue, unknown for how long.

The equipment is a new Surf Soho Mk3. It is on the latest firmware (8.1.2s052). I have not yet set up much complexity with the vlans, but I have whitelisted and black listed some MAC IDs in order to keep the kids’ devices where they should be (they promptly tried to log onto each others’ VLANs, because of course they did). I confirmed that the devices that should have access did have access after the reboot, so I don’t think that has anything to do with it.

Ideas? I know that Peplink is having issues with the 2.4 link on these routers. Is this just more of the same?