Connecting two Balance One together

I have a single Balance One router with two DSL lines connected to it, as well as two AP One Rugged for wireless. Everything is redundant but I want to eliminate the Balance One single point of failure. Can I buy another balance one and somehow connect the two routers together so that each will have one DSL line and one AP One Rugged? If yes, what features or licenses do I need?

The balance one doesn’t support traditional High Availability mode - which leaves you limited when it comes to wired clients. For wireless clients you could do the following:


Martin, I’ve been wondering for some time now what kind of software you use to make your diagrams. They always look better than what I can make in Visio on my best effort.

Sorry for the off topic question, couldn’t contain myself :wink:

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@Bogeyman Thanks man. I use for this kinda stuff and the flat device images are published by the Peplink marketing dept - @Alan is the artist responsible for those who should take a bow as they are lovely.


Aaah great! I’ll give it a go, thanks!
I’ve used the Peplink stencils on my own diagram in Visio, they are very nice indeed and look great amongst the gliffy pictograms.

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Thank you for the excellent answer and diagram.