Connecting Pepwave Max BR1 ENT to Netgear D6000

Good afternoon, we have recently come in possession of your pepwave units. We have a sim cards etc. and it connects to the 4g network no problem. But what we need to do is connect the pepwave to a Netgear D6000.

The Netgear D6000 is set to default settings (no changes were made). and NETGEAR genie auto-connect has failed to connect to the network, and therefore I believe it needs manual setup.

Current hardware connection is Pepwave WAN/Lan3 to Netgear Lan4/WAN.

Would you guys be able to walk me through steps with what needs set up to get the Pepwave to work with Netgear?

Hi there. I’m confused by the perceived need for the Netgear router if you are using the very capable BR1 as well as the way you are attempting to connect them. Can explain your rationale a bit and perhaps show a simple diagram as to what is connected to what? I’m not following your textual description very well.

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