Connecting a fiber connection

Balance 20. current 8.0.0 firmware. I have been using Comcast in WAN 1 and Frounter in WAN 2. I replaced Comcast with ATT fiber. The fiber will stop working 12 hours. I have to power cycle the Peplink in order to connect. I can manually disconnect and reconnect fiber. It will not connect. What could be the reason the ATT fiber keeps going out of service and why do I have to power cycle to connect?

Hi Robbie,
Does the connection cut out if directly connected to the AT&T modem/removing the Peplink from the network environment? Is there a message on the Dashboard of the Web Administrator along the lines of the connection failing a DNS Check, Smartcheck, Healthcheck, etc? This message might be found in the Event Log too.

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  No the connection is solid and its solid when I move to

WAN2. WAN1 will indicate a “DNS”, “PING” health check error. Will
not connect. Power cycling is the only way it will connect. In
less than 24 hours, the process will repeat. I moved to WAN2. It
has not failed yet. I purchased another Peplink20 and swapping out

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The issue here was the MTU was set incorrectly from carrier…