Connecting 2 Building on Site with a Device Connector IP55 and a Balance 380

I currently have two networks in two seperate building on this site. The balance 380 LAN is on and the Device Connector LAN is on The device connector is set up as a router, using the Wifi-WAN feature to connect to a AP controlled by the balance. The device connecter is pulling its internet connection from the balance 380’s WAN connections, and it has its WAN IP addresses in the range.

I can resolve from the LAN to the LAN, but cannot go in the other direction. I have a static route set on my balance pointing the address of the Device Connector to the network, but I cannot reach the …50. network from the …0. network. The only address that I can successfully reach is Not sure what step I am missing.

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The device connector is routing in NAT mode. You want it to do IP forwarding mode. I don’t know if the device connector supports IP Forwarding mode or not. Check the blue question mark icons in the wifi wan connection settings and you’ll hopefully find it there.

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What are your firewall settings on the device connector?

I do not see anything when clicking the blue question mark that will enable additional options.

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When I go to the network tab in the GUI, there is no option for firewall.

I had to ask a friend to spin up a device connector and screenshot the WAN connection details for us.

Ther are no options there for changing the routing method from NAT to IP forwarding.

However the device connector datasheet shows this possible config:

so potentially you can do a speedfusion VPN between the device connector and the WAN of the Balance B380 whoch would give you what you want (the ability to route both ways between the LAN subnets).


That’s what my plan was, however, the issue comes when I try to make the Speedfusion connection with Incontrol it fails to connect.

Ah ha Ok. So you can only build a speedfusion connection to the WAN of the balance 380. Can you ping the WAN IP of the Balance 380 from the device connector? From your first post it would suggest that you have it connected to an access point on the LAN of the B380?

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I can successfully ping the WAN IP of the Balance 380 from the device connector. It is correct that I have the device connector connected to an access point on the LAN side of the 380.

What is the model of the AP?

I have a special build between a DCS and a SOHO MK3 that allows the SF to connect over one of the LANs.
I have a pretty intense setup with two DCS’s and trying to layer2 the whole network across the two DCS bridges, bonding the 2.4 and the 5ghz with SF lan tunnels.

SOHO mk3

Note the “Wifi-Bridge” is a LAN!!


Still sorting out placement of antennas, and getting the DCS LAN port access mode to work correctly to the bridged vlan, but hopefully this will show you what we have working so far.

It’s not released yet, and currently the SF over LAN is only working between the soho mk3.
I have another DCS to AP one flex , yet to setup.

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The access point is an AP One Flex, Hardware version 3.

ok I have an open ticket with them to allow SF LAN from AP one Flex to DCS, when I have an update I’ll post here.

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Any more updates on this?

For the moment, I have the device connector set to bridge mode, but that will only allow me to use one wi-fi connection at a time, and that also limits my ability to manage the clients on my 380, as now everything on the remote end shows up with the Device Connector’s MAC address.

The online manual shows an ability to do a level 2 bridge, but the option to do that does not appear in the UI for my Device Connector.