Connect Duo Transmit to network

Just received my Pepwave Max Duo Transmit.
My network knowledge is so so.
Having a hard time to connect the Pepwave to my (or a ) network.
Can reach the Pepwave unit on
But how do I set it to the range of my network?

I tried to set the static route settings in the Pepwave dashboard.
Filled out my network settings as destination network but it won’t save.
My setup:
Pepwave via Lan1 to switch. Switch goes to my router (or on any other location).

Could be this isn’t the way but hope somebody can help.

Hi - welcome to the forum.
Best place to start is in the user manual here:

Have read, come back with more questions as needed.

To connect the MAX to another network, to give devices connected to the MAX (via the LAN or via WIFI) internet access, you can either plug an internet connection into its WAN port, setup WIFI WAN or insert a SIM.

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Thx. that’s where I started.
But couldn’t find it.
Trying to contact the reseller cause have tried every possible combination