Connect a Tomato router as a PPTP VPN Client to my Balance 20 PPTP VPN server


I’m trying to connect the PPTP VPN client of a Tomato routeur to the Balance 20 VPN server.

I have the server configured right (I think, there is not much to configure anyway…) and I can connect to it from various devices.

I’m now trying to have a Tomato routeur to connect to it as PPTP VPN Client, and I can’t get it to connect. This is the panel with the parameter to configure the client :

I then see this error in the log of the Tomato routeur :

Mar 20 21:43:24 TomatoN66U pptp[7721]: Using interface ppp0
Mar 20 21:43:24 TomatoN66U daemon.notice pptp[7721]: Connect: ppp0 <–> pptp (
Mar 20 21:43:27 TomatoN66U daemon.notice pptp[7721]: CHAP authentication succeeded
Mar 20 21:43:27 TomatoN66U pptp[7721]: LCP terminated by peer (MPPE required but peer negotiation failed)
Mar 20 21:43:30 TomatoN66U daemon.notice pptp[7721]: Connection terminated.
Mar 20 21:43:30 TomatoN66U daemon.notice pptp[7721]: Modem hangup

I have tried all possible combinations of Encryption and Stateless MPPE connection, with no luck…Any one would have some hints on how to make some progress here?Thanks,

Looks like it is MPPE. Try unchecking “Stateless MPPE connection” for a stateful MPPE connection?

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Hi Kurt,

Thanks for the reply. As I said, I did try unchecking the Stateless MPPE connection and (I think) all possible combinations of encryption with that check box with no luck…


OK in this case we want to looking at the logs at Peplink as well. Could you plese submit a diagnostic report at We will take a closer look at this.

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I just uploaded the diagnostic file.

Note that there a some connections to the VPN that are okay, from an Android device or from a Windows 7 one. What I can get to work is the connection from the Tomato based router…


Okay, it seems that I had not tried all combinations of parameters… I have been able to establish the connection using 128-bit only for encryption and Stateless MPPE thing enables.
Thanks for the support, very reactive:-)

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Glad you got it working, enjoy :slight_smile:

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