Configuring 1+1 Backup by High Availability (HA)


@AhmedKamal, the WAN IP address of master and slave devices will be same. If you have chance to look on the slave device, all it’s WANs will be in Standby mode without IP address. Once the failover occurs, WANs of slave device will be transition to active and using the same IP address as master device.


Thanks for the helpful answer.
So what about VPN profiles especially those speedfusion profiles created on remote site boxes and points at “remote ID” of one of the HQ boxes?
After adding the second box in HQ and configuring HA, do I have to configure a new profile on the remote site boxes with the new box ID?


No. Slave unit always sync the config from the master automatically.


Does HA support in peplink balance if running on Layer 2 SF VPN environment?


Yes, it’s supported.



Dear Sit Loong, thanks for the prompt confirmation, because we didn’t try before if peplink running L2SF VPN but add in one more peplink as HA. I believe the configuration wise should be the same as standard right?


Yes, it’s the same.


I recently purchased 2 units of Balance 1350, updated Firmware to version 7.1.0 build 2287. I configured the first unit with Drop in mode. But I cannot enable HA as it says ‘High Availability is disabled because the LAN bypass port is in drop-in mode’.
I want to configure HA and use drop in mode.



Make sure you define the drop in interface not using the LAN by pass interface then you can enable the HA settings for the devices.