Configure VPN with PIA on Surf SOHO


I am considering purchasing a VPN provider’s services after the realization of Verizon tracking with its X-UIDH http headers…

If I purchase VPN service, such as Private Internet Access, where do I input the VPN credentials into the SOHO, so that all devices connecting through the SOHO will utilize the VPN connection? I do not want to set it up on every device, but have the SOHO maintain the connection for all client devices. I’ve read custom firmware for Linksys and Asus routers (DD-WRT, Tomato, and PFSense) are all capable of using this setup.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated on how I can set this up!



We do not support the VPN connection which stated in Private Internet Access.

I will move your post to Feature Request.

Is this possible on the Balance One?

Private Internet Access is not supported in our product family at the moment.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to support OpenVPN connectivity. I am having to use the OpenVPN client on each individual machine at the moment.

Any update on this feature? Using balance 20 and will have to switch routers if open VPN is not supported. Specifically looking at same PIA service referenced in this thread. Mark

Hi Mark,

This is not supported. No ETA to support this at the moment.

Thank you for your concern.

Any update on supporting third party VPN? Firmware v7.0.1 shows the following:
Peplink IPsec only supports network-to-network connection with Cisco, Juniper or Peplink devices.

Does this mean it may work, but you won’t help set it up? Or it actively blocks everything except the above listed manufacturer’s devices?

Pretty much. I have seen IPSec work with other vendor equipment not on that list. Peplink Support have to draw a line in the sand somewhere as to what configurations they are prepared to support with 3rd party equipment.

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For sure. Are there some generic instructions for getting it to work? There are many fields I have never found on other VPN configurations.

Cisco Guide here:

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Juniper Guide Here Configure IPsec to a Juniper SSG Firewall

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Thanks. This is the config file for my OpenVPN connection to Private Internet Access. Is it possible to set up these settings on my Balance router?

dev tun
proto tcp
remote 443
resolv-retry infinite
redirect-gateway def1
keepalive 10 60
ca ca.crt
remote-cert-tls server
auth-user-pass xerxes.txt
verb 3
reneg-sec 0
crl-verify crl.pem

Peplink doesn’t support OpenVPN.

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I know you don’t support it, but does that mean it won’t work?

OpenVPN is different VPN methods compare to IPSEC or PepVPN.

Please send your request here OpenVPN Support - #28 by zegor_mjol

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