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I’m not very familiar with Peplink. Currently have a customer with multi-locations. Going to migrate away from Peplink for routing, however I want to keep the AP’s up for wifi. Does anyone know if I can just remove my wan’s from the peplink and keep 1 LAN port connected to the peplink router to manage the ap’s? router is: Peplink Balance 210, and not sure what type of ap’s we have. I try to browse the IP of the AP and the page doesn’t load.

If anyone could help me out I’d be very grateful! Thanks in advanced!


I may have misunderstood what you are asking, but you can remove the WAN connections. But this would prevent any traffic from making it to the internet. If you’re just trying to access resources on the LAN you would be fine.

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Thank you so much for your response. Ok, we do need to access the internet from wireless. Is there any way you can think of I can keep using the peplink ap’s without using the peplink router to do routing? I already have DHCP disabled on the peplink router since we’re doing it on the windows server. I want to use a new router/vpn… The only thing I can think of us to use the new router connected to the wan, connect the peplink wan to my lan on the new router, and then the peplink lan to the actual lan. I was hoping to avoid double routing. Is there any other way? Thanks again for your help! Much appreciated!


It sounds like you just want to use the Peplink as a AP management controller. I don’t think Peplink has a current use-case for this model.

An alternative could be to use IC2 to manage the APs if that fits in your scope… then you don’t need a local AP management controller but it does mean cloud management of your APs.


Wow, that would be great. Sorry, new to this, but what is IC2? It’s a cloud account? Would I set that up with Peplink directly! Sorry for the basic questions and thanks for your knowledge!


Hi Jason,

IC2 is the cloud-based management plattform for Peplink devices. You can configure the whole peplink ecosystem with IC2 - remotely.
IC2 also has an AP controller. You can use that if you don’t have a Peplink router with build-in AP-Controler.


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For an introduction to InControl2 see

It is truly wonderful for network system configuration and (in particular) setting up PepVPN/SpeedFusion connections.



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