Configuration controlled by InControl

I recently purchased my MAX Transit 5G and have set it up on my boat. Yesterday I did something that screwed up the password and I could no longer access the unit. I read that the password could be remotely changed via InControl, so I logged in there only to find the Remote Web Administration was greyed out. I then found I could do a password-only reset using the button on the device, and I was able to log into it directly. I changed the InControl setting to InControl, and I was then able to get into Remote Web Administration on the InControl site. But now I find that whether I am logged into the unit locally or on the InControl site, everything is unavailable and it says “This configuration is being managed by InControl.”

How do I regain access to the configuration settings on the unit?

If your device is offline in InControl,
you may disable InControl management in device web admin,
System → InControl → Controller Management Settings.

When the device disabled InControl management, you should be able to setup password from device web admin.

If your device is online in InControl or you want to prevent the password to be managed by InControl once the device become online later, you can disable the option in InControl page.

In InControl Group level → Settings → Device System Management, and untick the “Device Web Admin and CLI Management” option.