Comwell Korsør Case


About the hotel

Comwell Korsør on Zealand is part of the hotel chain Comwell Hotels. The chain has 15 hotels in Denmark and two in Sweden. Comwell focuses on arranging conferences as well as general meeting booking among companies. In 2017, for the third year in a row, they won the award for “Best meeting concept of the year”.

Comwell’s challenges and desires

Comwell Korsør has so far used mobile phones when their employees in different places needed to communicate with each other. However, it was an inflexible solution; The mobile signal could be bad or completely gone, just as there could be poor sound reproduction in both phones and headsets. The phones could not hold power for an entire working day and often the lines were blocked by conversations. In addition, there were also a financial cost associated with the telephone subscriptions. In short, Comwell Korsør had a desire to streamline communication between employees and get a more flexible communication solution.

Radiocom’s solution

The Radiocom solution became an Icom Wi-Fi radio system for wireless networks. The system fills a gap between license-free radios and licensed radios. It is a solution that is easy to connect to an existing wireless network and it allows you to communicate in full duplex with very good sound quality.

Radiocom has supplied the following products:

  • Icom IP1000C controller
  • Peplink router which allows for remote support
  • Peplink Wi-Fi Access points
  • Icom IP100H Wi-Fi radios
  • ProEquip headset and discreet earbuds

The system can be expanded with an IP-based PC dispatcher, which can make calls to radios or groups, send text messages and show on a map in which area the individual radios are located.


Restaurant manager Martin Castillo says he can feel that Comwell is now saving a lot of time with the more efficient and flexible communication, as it has become much easier for employees to get in touch with each other. The sound reproduction goes through clearly and distinctly and the radios can hold power for an entire working day. In fact, they can hold power for up to 27 hours, depending on the conditions, so there is only a need for them to be charged overnight. Furthermore, Comwell praises the fast and efficient service from Radiocom. The system is set up in such a way that it can be accessed remotely and changes in e.g. call groups can be made from Radiocom’s own workshop. This means that there is no need to book a technician to drive out.