Communicate to Cable Modem thru Balance Router

My network looks something like this:

I want to communicate between PC #2 and cable MODEM to check logs, et cetera.
I’m using the other WAN port too with another modem but for simplicity omitted here. Using Peplink Balance 200 how do I set this up?
I’ve tried several approaches but none of them work.
a) I added an additional public IP setting, no go.
b) I added a static route setting and changed the IP settings netmask to, no go. I changed the IP settings netmask to, no go.
c) I added a outbound policy custom rule, nothing.
d) I tried adding NAT Mappings, nada.
e) I added an outbound Firewall rule, still nothing.
Suggestions appreciated.


You should configure Management Network of Balance router as based on the diagram. Please find here for the guideline.

Please ensure you having latest firmware version.


Thanks. The Balance 200 we have is no longer getting sw/fw updates so it doesn’t have the management feature for PPPoE in 6.2.1+. Last we have is 4.8.1 :(. We use PPPoE for a DSL modem and DHCP with the cable modem. It looks like we need to configure a route to the cable modem but we don’t have a way…

You can try creating a custom outbound rule with the destination IP of and enforce it on the Cable WAN connection.

I tried the custom outbound rule before using enforced WAN with no success.

But after beating my router up with all these changes I tried to use my core OS (OSX 10.9.5) route command to see if that would work.

Lo and behold it worked!

sudo route add

I didn’t need any router special outbound rule or firewall outbound rule (my current rules were adequate).

Thanks all for suggestions!