Comcast Static IP With VLAN



I have a Balance One that I’m trying to configure to connect to Comcast Business Gateway (NETGEAR CG300DCR) that is configured for 5 static IP’s.

I can configure the WAN ports 1 and 2 on the Balance One for the first two static IP’s and each port connects and passes DNS test.

I would like to map each static IP to a separate VLAN with a different DHCP address pool.
If I enable VLAN on the WAN port definition and assign it to a VLAN, the WAN port will no longer successfully connect to the Comcast Business gateway. I don’t see anywhere in the Comcast Business Gateway to assign a VLAN.

Does anyone have any experience successfully using VLANs with Comcast?

Thank you


NAT Mapping rules can be defined for an IP network under: Network> Inbound Access> Nat Mappings. The internal VLAN network can be tied to a single static public IP. Additional WAN IP addresses for Comcast can be added the Balance WAN interfaces and a VLAN is not needed on the WAN.


Thank you.
A related question - is there any way to assign a VLAN to individual L2TP VPN users?
L2TP User A to VLAN 10, USER B to VLAN 20, etc.
I seem to remember Ubiquiti can do that if you uses their embedded Radius server to do VPN user authentication.


This is a good idea and already a feature request.