Combining signal from existing

I have two (slow) Internet connections that I would like to combine.
I have a router which I could plug into the Peplink balance 20 using an Ethernet cable for one of the connection. The router is connected to another router (connected itself to a wireless Verizon card) and uses static DCPH. I could get the same thing for the other connection as well if necessary (it is tethering through my phone data plan), and have a second Ethernet cable connected to the Peplink balance router. Will the Peplink balance 20 perform load balancing between the 2 connections? Will it be able to split TCP packets by connection and aggregate them back together if they come back in the wrong order as the D-Link Fuzion seems to do. Can I expect to add the bandwidth from my two connections in this way?



Peplink Balance can surely perform session-based load balancing, according to the algorithms you define, so you will be able to take advantage of both your internet links. Also check the article on internet link load balancing. With this setup, we are not reordering packets, but both lines can be saturated when you have multiple session traffic.

According to D-Link Fuzion data sheet, you would need one router per line in order to resequence the packets. I find this to be a more expensive and more complicated solution that might not be that useful, given your setup.