Client VPN Connection Options for Balance 30

I’m using the PPTP server on my Balance 30 for remote user access via a client (e.g. PC/MAC/smartphone).
Are there any other options available to me (e.g. SpeedFusion VPN) or is this only for Site-Site connections.

SpeedFusion and IPsec are for site-to-site connections only. Our VPN client support is with the PPTP server.

Thanks -Tim

Thanks Tim, although I thought the security of PPTP has been discredited, are there any plans to offer a more secure alternative.

The security of PPTP has been discredited by some in the industry, but the fact is that the data is encrypted and hashed against the unique password that you create for the user.

If your data is extremely sensitive in nature, you will want to look for a 3rd party VPN solution.

As SpeedFusion evolves, we will have more products that support it and maybe even a SpeedFusion client app, stay tuned!

Thanks Tim


Currently Peplink is considering to see if something like OpenVPN will fit into our roadmap. Otherwise you can forward the needed inbound traffic to a inside device for Client to Network VPN.
Otherwise here is a link to the feature request that has been made for client to network vpn (other then just pptp): Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

I realize this topic is over a year old, but is there any update?
I am also interested in a more secure client application / protocol that is not hardware based or specific to site-to-site connections.
Thank you!

Firmware 6.2.1 beta version is available and Peplink products can now accept L2TP/IPsec connections, giving remote clients a safe and convenient way to remotely access trusted networks.