CLI SSH with Authentication Key

Good day guys,

We have many Peplinks ranging from 580’s to balance 20’s

I would like to write a script that would pull some information for Peplinks CLI SSH.

Is they’re a way to add an authentication key to a poplin this way I do not have to have a password when SSH into the peplink CLI.


Hello thfraley,

We lock down SSH to a specific set of commands, that can be found here. To pull information from the Peplink for reports I would recommend looking at the InControl2 (IC2) API. This will allow you to pull information from devices in your IC2 Organization.

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Thanks for touching base on this.

Yhea I am able to use Peplink CLI via SSH
However, Like I stated it’s more about having to login.

Ok so what exactly we want to do. .
We have many setups in the field and we run Geektool on the desktops to give basic information like IP etc…

One of our biggest things in knowing if we are on cellular or local. mistakes have been made in the past which cost of thousands in overages.

So the thought was to be able to show which Wan is active in a geek tool. grep pull

Something as simple as running this command , grep what we need

ssh admin@ -p 8822 ‘get wan 1’

Problem is we don’t want to put our password in plan text, And my question was More focused on if it was possible to add a ssh cert key to the pep-link so it would not ask for a password.

Just looking for a quick visual that’s always their so our users know one way or another if they are on cellular

Adding an ssh cert cannot be done as the SSH CLI is locked down to the commands that found in the CLI SSH Command Reference. You would be able to pull what WAN is being used with the API. Or you would have to provide the plaintext password to use Geektool.

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Yhea thats what I was afraid of, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask

As for the API thats fine but I think we have a few poplins that don’t support InControl2 I may be mistaken we have like 2 dozen peplinks .

So if we could use " public keys for SSH authentication" would definitely help. See Feature request here